What we do

CIRCLE creates, organises, manages, markets and hosts events, our own and yours. The concept of the event can be a facet of your idea, or a new concept completely generated by the collaboration between you and CIRCLE. By offering you extensive services during the entire collaboration, CIRCLE will do everything it can to bring you the satisfaction you deserve!

We took care of Dance Valley's stagemanagers and sector managers, did online marketing for NGHTDVSN, marketing management for ID&T's Amsterdam Open Air, Valhalla festival and Chateau Techno, set-up an online media platform with live stories for Tomorrowland (commisioned by The Reporters), marketing consultancy for the (in)famous Jimmy Woo club and (on-site) marketing for Armin Only, A State Of Trance, Hardwell presents Revealed, I Am Hardwell, A Day At The Park, Amsterdam Music Festival, The Flying Dutch and SAGA Festival in Bucharest.. You name it, we do it! Don't know how to name it? We create it!

That's right! Wether you want to present your year figures, boost moral among the employees, give an award to that eager manager or just want to celebrate the companies succes.. We can sparkle your event in a formal or informal way, taking all the work out of your hands and deliver a memory that will be spoken of for a long time. We did it for ING for example. Need credentials? No problem, send us a message and we will provide you with everything you need.

Some of our clients and formerly created and owned brands:

The Golden Tigers

A new marketing agency in Amsterdam that provides killer marketing strategies from A to Z

The Golden Tigers started with a wild idea by Liv Stig and Michiel van Broeckhuysen of CIRCLE Events. In the last decade, they’ve worked for several companies in almost every field of marketing (from idea to marketing strategy and from content creation to data-driven execution). Along the way, they experienced there’s a huge gap to fill within the marketing world: all-round marketing strategies AND implementations from A to Z.

Most marketing companies are specialized in one or two fields like online advertising, content creation or branding but don’t deliver a full package with all assets on a professional level. It became clear there is need for a company like The Golden Tigers with a vast network of specialists for everything (yep EVERYTHING) regarding marketing.

Want to know more? Check out thegoldentigers.com or shoot us an e-mail at info@thegoldentigers.com.

The Golden Tigers Marketing Agency

The Golden Tigers Marketing Agency

The Golden Tigers Marketing Agency

The Golden Tigers Marketing Agency